Which of the following organs will contain villi?

Explore the Tissues and Organs from the Home Version of the Merck.Small intestine: This image shows the position of the small intestine in the gastrointestinal tract.In the large intestine there is resorption of water and absorption of certain minerals as feces are formed.

Which of the following is NOT an accessory organ of the digestive system.The small intestine increases surface area for absorption through tiny interior projections, like small fingers, called villi.The small intestine is a long,. which further increase the surface area.Study The Digestive System flashcards taken from chapter 25 of.Micrograph of the small intestine mucosa showing intestinal villi - top half of image.The compacted and dried-out waste passes to the rectum, and out of the body through the anus.The upper gastrointestinal, or GI, tract is made up of three main parts.

Stimulatory hormones such as gastrin and motilin help the stomach pump gastric juice and move chyme.

A small flap of skin called the epiglottis closes over the pharynx to prevent food from entering the trachea, which would cause choking.

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It shows how the oral cavity connects to the esophagus and descends into the stomach and then the small intestine.Esophagus, the fibromuscular tube that food passes through—aided by peristaltic contractions—the pharynx to the stomach.Two important functions of the digestive system are digestion and absorption.

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Which of the following statements is an objective. tissues, (2) organ systems, (3.Study online flashcards and notes for chapter 16 including All of the following are accessory organs. chapter 16 including All of the following. villi of the.The small intestine is an impressive digestive tube, spanning an average of 20 feet in length.

The small molecules produced by digestion are absorbed into the villi of the wall of the.


Abdominal Cavity Organs. Portal triads consisting of the following three structures are located between. contains folds and villi, more at the beginning than.

Pancreatic juices are excreted into the digestive system to break down complex molecules such as proteins and fats.The villi help the nutrients in food to be absorbed into the blood. Like other organs, the small intestine gets oxygen from blood vessels.ENDOCRINE TISSUES AND THEIR TARGET ORGANS. pregnant uterus regarding the following:.It contains the plicae circulares and villi to increase the surface area of that part of the GI tract.

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Body Practice. The. Which of the following organs filters waste from the blood and forms urine,. a. cells lining the villi absorb food.

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