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The number of calories in vodka depends on the vodka proof (alcohol content). 70 Proof Vodka.

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So even if vodka tastes light and clean, it still provides almost as many calories as many other types of alcohol.How Many Calories in a Gin and Tonic PLUS a Free Cocktail Recipe.

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Raise your glass filled with one of one of these lower-calorie beverages. choice by ordering a gin and tonic over a rum and Coke or a vodka and Sprite.Features product information, distributors, contact information, and history.Seaman on calories in vodka sprite: A standard coctail-size drink (one shot fo alcohol) of any liquor contains roughly 200.Carb counts of flavored vodkas and rums Sep 28, 2007. Try these low-carb rum and low-carb flavored vodka cocktail recipes for a sweet treat without the guilt.Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Vodka including 1 jigger and 100 g.

Vodka is usually consumed as a part of different cocktail drinks.


Get nutrition facts and common serving sizes of Vodka including 100 g, 1oz etc.UV Blue is naturally flavored with vine-ripened raspberries for just the perfect touch of sweetness.Calories in Vodka Martini based on the calories, fat, protein, carbs and other nutrition information submitted for Vodka Martini.Find out how drinking your favorite alcoholic beverage affects your overall fitness goals and how it wreaks havoc on your diet and weight loss plan.

Legha on how many calories are in a glass of vodka: A standard coctail-size drink (one shot fo alcohol) of any liquor.

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Learn how many calories are in a shot of vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, cognac, brandy or tequila.

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All types of alcohol have calories, even if you just have a plain old shot of vodka with nothing added to it.

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Vodka is a popular, highly versatile liquor produced in many countries.The number of calories in alcohol or liquor (gin, rum, scotch, vodka, whiskey) depends on the proof (alcohol.

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The calorie content in each of these differs based on the content of the cocktails.At 100 proof a shot has 124 calories 80 proof vodka contains 40% alcohol 1.

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Prairie Organic is a corn-based vodka produced by Phillips Distilling Company in Minnesota.Pinnacle and other vodka brands are following a trend and creating some fun dessert.

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See calorie counts for popular alcoholic drinks. many savvy dieters choose to drink vodka with soda and either a slice of.Six of the Healthiest Alcoholic Mixed Drinks. there are only so many vodka sodas with.Mixed drinks and fancy drinks can significantly increase the calorie count.

The main ingredients in Absolut Ruby Red are Absolut Vodka and grapefruit flavor.Discover how many calories are in everyday beverages such as coffee, tea, wine, vodka and water.